About my work

Marc-Aurèle Palla

Film Director

Born in France, I stupied cinema in Paris before moving to the UK to study screenwriting. I also discovered photography at univercity, which I continue to practice today, shooting events, street photography, myy travels, or working as a stills photographer on film sets.

My moto is to give life to projects telling great stories, and to push the boundaries of the visual language in moving pictures, to express new feelings and desires.

For the past 5 years, I have worked in multiple fields, from music videos to short films and adverts, between France and UK.
Do not hesitate to drop me a message, I'll be happy and answer you!

Merci !

Why me?

From the development to the final edit,
I am taking care of
every stage, and each detail.

I am flexible, autonomus, and - let's admit it - cheaper than an agency.

My job is not only about great cinematography, but also to give core to your project.

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